Acquiring Your Dreams


Acquiring Your Dreams

“Inspiration and Motivation To Help You Succeed”

We all have dreams but many dreams go unfulfilled. These dynamic motivational messages (available as a digital download or on CD) reveals and unveils what it takes to be successful and to acquire your dreams.

You will learn:

  • That It Begins With I
  • The 3 P’s (Purpose, Plan and Perform)
  • The Meaning and Importance of R.A.M.
  • The S.W.E.A.T. of Success
  • What Successful People Do

Plus you will hear these exciting motivational messages designed to make you think and to inspire you to soar like an eagle:

  • We Must Discover Who We Are
  • Relationships Make You Stronger
  • When Time Seems To Fly Away
  • Remove The Minor

Digital Download – $9.99


CD Reviews/Testimonials

After listening to your CD on “Acquiring Your Dreams,” I’ve decided to do something special for my audience. I will purchase from you and give one copy of your CD to everyone in attendance. The reason I want to give this gift to my audience is simple: Your CD contains very well packaged information that is relevant to my topic. Frankly, I think you have covered the topics much better than I would. I have personally gained a lot of inspiration by listening to your CD. I highly recommend your CD to everyone who desires to grow in any area of life or business.“

~Dr. Joseph Amanfu

"Vincent T. Edwards is a young man I have known for over 15 years who has dedicated his life towards improving the quality of life for others. He has been a professional motivational speaker to the public educational system nationwide expanding the minds of our youth with insightful topics to aid them in becoming more effective in reaching their full potential. As a Pastor, Elder Vincent T. Edwards has been true to his God, Church and Family, demonstration an anointing that has improved his community and the lives of the people he serves. Vincent’s project ‘Acquiring Your Dreams’ is a CD collection of messages that will help you succeed regardless of your endeavor in life. I listen in the morning at least every other day and find myself invigorated in facing my daily challenges. A product of Blessed Enterprise, this multi-subjected syllabus is as portrayed “Moving you from Mediocre to the Magnificent."

~Darryl A. Barrs, President / CEO Program Success Magazine –

"As a radio host, Mr. Speaker has brought his inspiring message to thousands. And now with his CD, he can bring a message of inspiration and relationships and life’s lessons to thousands more. We gain insight and knowledge on how to accomplish our dreams and goals. Well-worth obtaining and listening to this spiritual outpouring."

~Ben G. Frank, public relations and media expert.

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