Are You Wise?

"Smart people learn from their own mistakes. Wise people Learn from the mistakes of others."

  Overcoming mistakes in life, especially avoidable ones, can be extremely painful and costly in terms of time and money. Embarrassment and character damage may also occur. We must always remember that our choices in life have positive or negative consequences. Do you have answers to the following questions: How do I learn? From whom do I acquire knowledge and guidance? Am I willing to learn by listening and observing? Do I listen to the voice of experience and wisdom to help me to reach my potential and avoid life's pitfalls? How do I learn to be wise?



"A wise man is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength."
-Proverbs 24:5 KJV

Learn to use the mistakes, situations, and challenges of

others to propel you forward and higher. Acquire at least three mentors with

characteristics and attributes, you desire to obtain guidance, direction and feedback

on your vision, goals and plans. When you choose three and adhere to

their wise counsel, you move from smart to wise.

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